On this page, you will find information on the following;
Essential Learnings, Indigenous education, Sport and Art.

At St Joseph’s the expert teaching team differentiates learning to provide for the needs of all students at all levels. We suggest that to gain a full insight into the pedagogy in use here at St Joseph’s it would be best to not only click on the links below but to also search through the Policy and Procedures to find the Standard Operating Procedures for the learning and teaching at St Joseph’s.

We have a strong focus on targeted teaching where we are ‘extending the skills and knowledge of every student in every class, regardless of their starting point. Through formal and informal assessments we ascertain what students already know and teach them accordingly.

Key Learning Areas are taught in stages within a model of co-teaching. Co-teaching involves teams of teachers that work side by side in the classroom as they engage with each other in open dialogue as they reflect, debrief and forward plan for the benefit of the students.

Each stage also has an Education Assistant (EA) and an Indigenous Education Assistant.
All are trained in the intervention programs Minilit (infants) and Maclit (primary). Our EA’s implement these programs with small groups of students in each year level who may be requiring intervention in reading and writing.

Within our teaching team, we are always striving for excellence in practice to enhance outcomes for all of our students.

St Joseph’s South Grafton is very proud of its long history of involvement with and education of indigenous families and students. The school has a community agreement with the indigenous elders of the town and employs an Indigenous Education Officer. This educational Officer supports the indigenous students in their daily classwork as well as providing whole class History lessons with the aim of providing an indigenous perspective.

The school undertakes Swimming in terms 1 and 4, Athletics and Cross Country in term 2 and Winter sports in term 3 such as netball, rugby, soccer, hockey. As well the students in year 3 to 6 participate in elective community sports throughout term 3.

Classroom PE
The Schools sports program is complemented by a PE program which provides students with another hour of physical activity during the week.

Playground Activities
The school has both infants and primary playground as well as a full-size playing field with Soccer and Rugby goalposts and multiple grass netball courts. There is a large Mega toy play structure for climbing and sliding. There are also facilities for handball and indoor play

Lunch Time Clubs
Chess competitions, robotics club, book club, library group, Art club, Gardening club, and music groups are all supported during the lunch breaks.

The school employs qualified musicians to provide whole class and private music tuition. These professionals also prepare a multitude of Eisteddfod items for senior and junior school members such as; voice choirs, verse speaking, percussion groups, small group and individual performances on the keyboard, guitar, and voice. The School presents a biannual Musical and holds art festivals twice per year to showcase the visual arts, creative arts, dramatic arts, and musical talents of the students.

Visual Arts and Drama
The school employs an experienced specialist art teacher who has exhibited his own award-winning artworks within ours and wider communities. This teacher provides instruction in Visual Arts during terms one, two and four. The school holidays an exhibition in term three and showcases the work of students of all grades. The school has a tradition of success in local exhibitions. During term three, the students engage in the skills of the Dramatic Arts.

Dance is taught in term one as a part of the PE lessons. Instruction in a variety of genres is provided by the classroom teacher.